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Keep The North Cold

Climate change is threatening the planet and the cold winters we love, and creating a more resilient climate future requires all of us. This election season, we need to prioritize climate at the ballot box by understanding which candidates have a plan to address climate change. Help create a just future for people and the planet.

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Stay Warm.
Keep Cold.

The warmest parka with the lightest footprint. Gear up and get outside to discover why The Winter Parka will change how you spend winter.

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The One Winter Guarantee

We're giving you an entire winter to explore in our parka. Don't love it? We'll take it back, no questions asked. And after that it's warrantied for life - because to be as sustainable as possible we believe gear should last for many winters to come.

"Performance meets sustainability in the Askov Finlayson Winter Parka."
"This isn’t your common performance coat."
"Stay warm, feel good. Parka-with-a-conscience."
"If you care about the carbon footprint of your garments, then this is a brand to watch."
"...Believe me when I tell you, this thing feels luxurious — plush and warm and even warmer once you get moving."