About our brand


Askov Finlayson is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To live here is to know and embrace winter, and that’s the spirit behind everything we do.


Our company was founded in 2011 as a small men’s clothing store. In 2013, Askov Finlayson introduced our first run of North Hats. And with them, an idea defined by hard work, creativity, cold winters, and year-round exploration. The rest is history.



In 2018, we introduced The Winter Parka. At the time, the warmest outerwear that Minnesota’s cold and snow require could easily cost $1,000 or more. We saw an opportunity to make the enjoyment of winter more accessible by selling directly to our customers. We’re proud to offer the highest quality and industry-leading sustainability at the greatest value.


Our products are inspired by our own love of winter, as well as Minnesota’s rich history of exploration. We worked with legendary polar explorer Will Steger to develop a parka with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our founder Eric Dayton’s connection with Steger dates back to 2004, when they partnered on a 6-month dogsled expedition that traversed 2,000 miles of the Canadian Arctic. When we say we know the cold, we mean it.


Eric Dayton, Will Steger

Thanks to the support of this community, the North has become a movement. And we’re committed to making it a movement for good. Our mission to Keep The North Cold means investing more money fighting climate change than running our business costs the planet. We do this by measuring the annual carbon footprint of our operations and supply chain and then giving 110% of that cost to leading-edge organizations working to solve the climate crisis. You can learn more about our mission and business model here [link].


We hope our products will help empower you to get outside this winter and discover your own North, wherever that may be.