Celebrating the North

means protecting it, too.

Thanks to you, the North has become a movement. And we’re committed to making it a movement for good.

Climate change threatens our winters here in the North, and with them, our best traditions. But we’re doing everything we can to fight back.

Our mission:

keep the north cold

To combat climate change, we need to rethink our relationship with the planet. So we made a commitment: Give 110%. Literally.

Working to do more good than harm

We won’t beat climate change by simply reducing our environmental impact.

Our Give 110% business model is designed to create a net positive through a system of climate accountability. Give 110% means that Askov Finlayson will invest more money fighting climate change each year than running our business costs the planet.

It also means that every Askov Finlayson purchase you make is not only an investment in outstanding quality — it’s a meaningful investment in climate solutions.

Make your gear count

Fighting climate change demands a relentless spirit of exploration.

This is our biggest adventure yet.

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Investing in
climate Solutions
Climate Justice

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