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B Corp Certified

B Corp Certified

Action starts with integrity.

Protecting the North, and the planet, means rethinking everything. How we relate to our neighbors. How we contribute to our communities. How we do business around the world. It all must serve the common good. That’s why we are proud to announce, as of December 2019, we are a certified B Corp. It’s a commitment to hold ourselves and our partners to the highest possible labor, environmental, and transparency standards. And it’s only the beginning.

We’ve spent the previous two years building towards that moment. We looked hard at our true carbon footprint and environmental impact. We made sure our employees, and those who make our clothing, have well-paid, safe, fulfilling work. We examined our role in the North, our community. Then the B Lab helped us measure and verify these findings and compared us to the rest of the industry. We’re one of just a handful outdoor clothing companies to achieve B Corp status.

But we’re not content to just lead the present. This is about a movement for a different future. It means finding new ways to Give 110% to our people, our partners, and our planet every day. It means starting with integrity, and never looking back.

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