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When Askov Finlayson evaluates existing and new suppliers, our priority is that all suppliers adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct for labor practices. In our industry, fairness and safety in labor is the most pressing issue, and it is vital that we choose suppliers that are best-in-class. Our Supplier Code of Conduct bans all forms of non-voluntary labor, including child, indentured, prison, as well as discrimination, harassment, or abuse of any kind. We also mandate that suppliers provide a healthy and safe workplace, and pay a competitive wage with working hours that comply with local and national laws.

We also evaluate our suppliers’ environmental impact because it is important to us and to the planet. We ask prospective suppliers – as well as existing suppliers on an annual basis – about their use of business practices that represent environmental stewardship. Our review includes best practices in apparel for sustainability management, waste minimization, water efficiency, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, and chemical safety. We consider these results in all supplier decisions.


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