Our Mission to Keep The North Cold

We can’t imagine the North without cold winters. And so we created a climate positive company to help protect the very thing our products are designed to celebrate. We hold ourselves accountable for our carbon footprint and Give 110% to support leading-edge solutions to the climate crisis each and every year.

Together, we can Keep The North Cold™ for generations to come.


Here’s how we make sure we make a positive impact on our planet:

Each year, we account for all the ways our business contributes to carbon emissions. We hold ourselves responsible for everything, from the zippers on our parkas, to shipping those parkas to our customers, even the way our employees commute to our headquarters in Minneapolis. We multiply that amount by the social cost of carbon, an estimate of the monetized damages caused by a one-ton increase in greenhouse gas emissions in a given year. This calculates the impact of our emissions.

Next, we multiply our social carbon cost by 110%, and give that amount in the form of grants to leading-edge organizations fighting climate change. We don’t want to just be neutral - we want to leave a positive impact on our planet. Additionally, we buy carbon offsets equal to our total emissions for the year to further account for our footprint. Call it positive overcompensation. Because we won’t solve climate change by simply reducing our environmental impact. We’re rethinking our relationship with the planet and working to Give 110% every day.

Check out our 2020 Impact Report to see how your purchases helped fuel organizations around the country to fight climate change in innovative ways.