What are we doing?

Having a net-positive impact on the environment starts with minimizing our carbon emissions as a business, which is something we strive to do every step of the way. We must then make sure our investments in creating a sustainable future outweigh our remaining footprint and we use a simple three-step formula to do it:

1. Each year, we carefully measure our full carbon footprint as a company, from raw materials to production and shipping – even including how our employees commute to and from our Minneapolis headquarters. This self-assessment is verified by an outside auditor and we publish it every year.

2. We use the Social Cost of Carbon to convert our carbon footprint into a dollar amount, which is a standard 5x higher than carbon offsets alone.

3. We invest 110% of our annual climate cost in leading organizations working to advance solutions to the climate crisis across three key areas: Education, Activation, and Innovation.

Thank you for your support – together, we can Keep The North Cold™ for generations to come.