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Caring For Your Parka

Caring For Your Parka

Our parka is built to last a lifetime, and proper end-of-season care will allow it to do just that. We've put together a 3-step guide to make sure your parka is ready for all that next winter brings.

1. Assess if your parka really needs a full-on wash. It is more effective to spot-treat soiled areas on the shell with a sponge and soapy water rather than run it through the washing machine – it conserves water and electricity too.

2. If you've put your parka through the wringer this season and it needs a full cleaning, simply wash it with cold water and your usual detergent. We recommend including a few other substantial items, like towels, to help balance the load in your washing machine.

3. Tumble dry your parka on low with those larger items or hang dry.

Congrats! Your parka is ready for storage until autumn’s first chill.