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Climate Positive

Our Climate Positive approach means taking responsibility for our environmental impact and doing more good than harm. It's about holding ourselves accountable to the planet and making sure that when it comes to the climate crisis, we are part of the solution.

Our Approach In Action

Having a net-positive impact on the environment starts with minimizing our carbon emissions as a business, which is something we strive to do every step of the way. We must then make sure our investments in creating a sustainable future outweigh our remaining footprint and we use a simple three-step formula to do it:

Each year, we carefully measure our full carbon footprint as a company, from raw materials to production and shipping – even including how our employees commute to and from our Minneapolis headquarters. This self-assessment is verified by an outside auditor and we publish it every year.

We use the Social Cost of Carbon to convert our carbon footprint into a dollar amount, which is a standard 5x higher than carbon offsets alone.

We invest 110% of our annual climate cost in leading organizations working to advance solutions to the climate crisis across three key areas: Education, Activation, and Innovation.

Beyond Net Zero

Purchasing carbon credits is a good place to start for any business that wants to offset their carbon footprint, but they don’t capture the full amount of a company’s enviornmental impact. Using the social cost of carbon as our benchmark comes at a greater expense to our business, but we believe it’s the best number to use for true climate accountability.

The social cost of a metric ton of emitted carbon incorporates the human cost of climate change: extreme weather, sea level rise, food insecurity, and impact on public health. When you add up those factors, the result is more than five times the average cost of a carbon credit. We pay it because it is the right thing to do.

Give 110%

We multiply our social carbon cost by 110% and give away the amount annually in the form of grants to leading-edge organizations fighting climate change. We’re rethinking our relationship with the planet and hope other businesses will be inspired to do the same, because we won’t solve climate change by reducing our collective enviornmental impact alone.

Check out our 2022 Impact Report to see how our purchases helped fuel organizations around the country to advance innovative solutions to the climate crisis.